Business Demographics Services

Leading organisations rely on Business Demographics data for their fact-based market entry/development, investment, sales strategy, HR and competitive intelligence decision making.

Business Demographics provides comparable (converted to ISIC Rev4) country databases that are instantly accessible and regularly updated based on original country sources. The downloadable databases include both historical data (2005-15) and market projections for 2016-20 (see Methodology).

Business Demographics offer online access to a huge array of industrial market intelligence by county, data series that are not available from any other subscription service.



Peter Baldwin

Managing Director – Intercedent Asia Pte Ltd


Mr. Baldwin was inspired to create Business Demographics following three decades of experience working with corporate clients on market assessment and market entry strategies in Asia. The types of assignments he has implemented include market potential analysis, customer satisfaction, partner appraisal, competitor analysis, market entry and distribution strategy, and strategy development.

Before joining Intercedent, Mr. Baldwin worked for seven years as a regional analyst and then Director of Consulting & Research, Southeast Asia for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Prior to that, he worked for Lloyds Bank International in the position of Economist for the Far East Division in the head office in London. His external responsibilities encompassed advising corporate clients on business conditions in Asia. Internally, Mr. Baldwin advised the Lloyds Group on lending limits and sovereign risk.

He graduated in Business Economics from the University of Southampton, England, and went on to obtain a Master’s degree from the University of New England, Australia, where he specialised in International Economics in Asia. Mr. Baldwin is the author of Planning for Asean’s Free Trade Area, Consumer Marketing in Indonesia and co-author of Distribution in China, published by The Economist Group.

Intercedent Asia Pte Ltd

Business Demographics is owned by Intercedent Asia Pte Ltd, a specialist B2B consulting and research firm in operation since 1993 serving organisations managing and establishing operations mainly in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

The primary mission of Intercedent's research-based practice is to provide action-orientated information and advice to companies and organisations transacting business across borders. We offer our clients value-added recommendations on cross-border strategy and implementation based on an integration of geographic, functional and industry expertise.

For more information: Intercedent Asia

Intercedent Ltd

Intercedent Asia is part of the Intercedent Group of companies. Intercedent Ltd commenced operations in 1988 with a focus on international markets and emphasis on business in Asia. Today, Intercedent offices are maintained in Beijing and Toronto.

Since commencing operations in Beijing, Intercedent has participated actively in the economic transformation which has taken place in China. It provides investment, corporate advisory and capital raising services to a broad range of Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, private companies and government agencies.

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IMA Asia

IMA Asia is an equity partner of Intercedent Asia. IMA Asia is an insights provider and sounding board for executives in charge of Asia Pacific operations. It helps members monitor and assess political, economic and commercial developments across Asia, and to integrate key insights into their business plans.

IMA presently supports over 1,500 members, encompassing executives from the world's largest companies and best-known brands. Together with our Network Partners, it runs the largest peer group briefing program in Asia Pacific, incorporating over 3,000 members.

For more information: IMA ASIA